Real Estates-Property (Flats) in the Czech Republic (Zlín)

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Zlín description

Zlin, the administrative center of the Zlin region, lies along the river Dřevnice in a mild climatic area of southeastern Moravia. It is also a crossroad for the ethnographic boundaries of the Wallachian, Hana and Moravian Slovak regions. This region of 590,000 inhabitants became famous for more reasons than its advantageous location.
Zlín during 1949–90, is a city in the Zlín Region, southeastern Moravia, Czech Republic, on the Dřevnice River. The development of the modern city is closely connected to the Bata Shoes company. Due to Bata's managerial excellence Zlín became famous for the company's extraordinary social scheme developed after the First World War and its modernist urbanism.

Flats in the Czech Republic (Zlín)

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Flats, for sale -  Zlín (Zlín region, Zlín) Flat, for sale - Zlín (Zlín region, Zlín)
This offer is meant for sale.This attractive estate is located in Zlín.The layout of this attractive flat is kitchenette apartment (4 rooms).The flat is located in a house with brick construction.Condition of the house, in which the flat is located, is: new building.The flat is located on the 2 floor of the building.

for sale:
4 195 000