Real Estates-Property (Flats) in the Czech Republic (Tábor)

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Tábor description

The City of Tábor lies on the northern edge of South Bohemia, on the boundary of the Třeboň Basin and the Vlašim Highlands, 83 km south of the capital city of Prague, 60 km north of České Budějovice (the centre of South Bohemia). Tábor is the second largest city in South Bohemia, with a population of 37 thousand inhabitants.

Flats in the Czech Republic (Tábor)

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Flats, for sale -  Bechyně (České Budějovice region, Tábor) Flat, for sale - Bechyně (České Budějovice region, Tábor)
This offer is meant for sale.The interesting casa is located in Bechyně.The layout of this attractive flat is 1 room + 1 kitchen.The floor area of the flat is 35 m2.The flat is located in a house with panel construction.Condition of the house, in which the flat is located, is: good.The flat is located on the 3 floor of the building.

for sale:
680 000