Real Estates-Property (Flats) in the Czech Republic (Příbram)

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Příbram description

Příbram is a city in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic with a population of 35,147. The city is located in the Brdy foothills 60 kilometers south-west of Prague, the capital city of the state. The city is well known for its mining history, now finding a new look after its economy restructuring.The city is the third biggest in the Central Bohemian Region (behind Kladno and Mladá Boleslav) and it is a natural administrative and cultural center of the south-western part of the region, although it also tends to be in large influenced by the economy and life of Prague.Wide-known pilgrimage site Svatá Hora is located just above the city, the Mining Museum Příbram (including the communist labor camp Vojna memorial) is the other tourism attraction.

Flats in the Czech Republic (Příbram)

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  Flat, for sale - Zduchovice (Central Bohemia region, Příbram)
Offered for sale.The interesting casa is located in Zduchovice.It is the kitchenette apartment (2 rooms) type.

for sale:
1 500 000