Real Estates-Property (Flats) in the Czech Republic (Prague 9)

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Prague 9 description

This judicial dictrict is the one most difficult to describe, because it comprises six administrative districts: Praha 9 (Vysocany, Prosek, Hrdlorezy), 14 (Hloubetin, Kyje, Pocernice, Cerny Most), 18 (Letnany), 19 ( Kbely, Vinor, Cakovice, Satalice), 20 (Horni Pocernice), and Praha 21 (Bechovice, Ujezd nad Lesy, Klanovice, Kolodeje). All of the districts are positioned in the nort-eastern part of Prague.

Flats in the Czech Republic (Prague 9)

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Flats, for sale -  Prague 9 (Capitol Prague, Prague 9) Flat, for sale - Prague 9 (Capitol Prague, Prague 9)
This estate is offered for sale.The interesting casa is located in Prague 9.It is the kitchenette apartment (3 rooms) type.The flat is located in a house with brick construction.Condition of the house, in which the flat is located, is: new building.The flat is on the 1 floor of the house.

for sale:
6 360 000